7 Chakra Healing Orgone set

Chakra Healing Orgone set
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7 Chakra Healing Orgone set

Instructions on how to use the 7 chakra set

Benefits of the Chakra Layout
One of the simplest ways is to place an orgonite of the appropriate colour on each area. 

Crown Chakra
Place the violet orgonite just above the top of the head.

Brow Chakra

Place the indigo orgonite in the centre of the forehead.

Throat Chakra
Place the light blue orgonite at the base of the throat.

Heart Chakra
Place the green orgonite in the centre of the chest.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Place the yellow orgonite between the navel and the ribcage.

Sacral Chakra
Place the orange orgonite on the lower abdomen. 

Base Chakra
Place the red orgonite near the base of the spine between your legs. 

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