HHG (Holy Hand Grenade)

The name comes in fact from the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, in which, in the comic spirit of the movie the Holy Hand Grenade (of Antioch) is a weapon with great devastative effects, the name was probably chosen with respect to the great transmuting capabilities that a HHG possesses. These orgonites are the ones that are in the shape of pyramids, or pyramidal cones and also domes. They normally have 5 quartz (single or bi-terminated quartz) has 4 quartz placed on the base in the four cardinal directions and on pointed toward the point of the pyramid. With one quartz it usually is the same setup with one quartz pointed toward the point of the pyramid with a copper (could be another metal..) spiral wounded around the quartz, though there are variations with the coil flattened on the base, or placed from the top to the bottom around the pyramid etc.

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Crystal Inside : Red Goldstone,Tiger Eyes, Clear Quartz,Pyrite Metals : Aluminium,Copper  ..
This set of two medium pyramid HHG Orgonites is good for starting.   ..