What is an Orgonite?

The name Orgonite comes from ‘Orgone’ Energy, studied most famously by Wilhelm Reich. He used a modified Geiger counter to measure etheric energy in the air around us. He named it ‘Orgone’ Energy. This same energy is known around the world in different cultures as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether & Life Force.

Dr Wilhelm Reich, a student of Sigmund Freud, observed that illnesses whether mental,emotional or physical is caused by energy blockage in the body.He created the first orgone accumulator to treat persons with various problems and have gained lot of success in healing these persons.Don & Carol Croft  took the invention of Dr Reich further by creating the first Orgonite.

On an individual level,having an orgonite product on you is like having an energy transformer in your energy field. It will clean up stuck or armored energy structures in your energy field. Of course, how much it will be effective also depends how old and strong the armored energy structures are. Orgonite can be effective immediately or it might take a long time. But it is always working. It is also good when you are in an environment that emits a lot of negative energies, like being around people who don't like you, or have negative emotions towards you; or in an office building where the work atmosphere is often rigid, and where there are a lot of technological devices emitting harmful energies.

Orgonite  can be used not only to heal at an individual level but also it can heal the environment and transform the negative energies of houses and building.

By combining our knowledge of healing and sacred geometry with Orgonites. We have made new creations to help people to have an intense and deep experience with Orgonites.

Crystals are powerful beings who really here to assist us in our development as a spiritual being.


Orgone Energy devices, commonly known as Orgonite, work to alter the energy in an area from negative to positive.

Our modern environment is filled with machines, power stations, transmitters and electronic gadgets which all give off harmful Electro-Magnetic radiation and other negative energies (TV,Radio, Mobile Phones, Broadband signals, Pollution, Geo-Engineering and more).

Mobile phones for example….The radiation these ‘handy’ little devices contains is considered dangerous by many experts, with potential effects ranging from Loss of Cognitive function to DNA damage, and even causing Cancer.

We are subject to roughly 100 million times the amount of Electro-Magnetic radiation as our grandparents. One health therapist compares it to being in a room full of heavy smokers, but without the ability to leave the room or open a window.

A piece of Orgonite is simply a combination of metal, quartz crystal and catalysed resin, mixed together and hardened in a mould.

When hardening, the resin shrinks, putting pressure on the metal and crystal inside. This causes something called the Piezoelectric effect, which gives the piece of Orgonite an energetic electric field.

The resin-insulated metal shavings work in a similar way to electrical conductors, absorbing ambient negative energies, the largest being Electro-Magnetic radiation.
The quartz crystal works to convert the Electro-Magnetic radiation into heat through Electro-striction (The converse of the Piezoelectric effect), and so the energy is released in a harmless way.

More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment around us, the damaging polluted air we live and work in, and are turning to energy devices such as Orgonite to help alleviate effects.

Orgone brings life force into stagnant areas. It raises vibrations and helps produce a balanced environment to support electrically sensitive people and change negative environments. Nature also benefits and many Orgone makers gift the environment placing the Orgone where it will have maximum effect.

Our orgonites have been tested by Reiki Masters,Pranic Healers,Spa Managers and many individuals who have reported positive results.