The Power of Transformation of Orgonites

Dr Wilhem Reich, student of Sigmund Freud, discovered the Orgone Energy after many experiments. He created the first orgone accumlators to treat patient with cancer with positive results. Don & Carol Croft created their first Orgonite based on the work of Dr Reich. Dr Reich found that illness is created when the flow of energy is obstructed or when there is lack of energy (chi) . Orgonites transmute negative into positive energy and also help to restore balance in the body.

Now there are many version of Orgonites,each with general and specific purposes. The general purpose  Orgonite is to transmute negative energy into positive energy and the specific purpose can be to heal people with anger or use of crystals that will clear entities from a house. Combined with knowledge of energy medecine and sacred geometry,these tools have been proven to be very effective in healing.

The creation of Orgonites requires inspiration,dexterity,patience,compassion and lot of Love !

Pyramid Orgonite

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