The Power of Poseidon

The Power of Poseidon HHG Orgonite

In the Greek trinity, Poseidon is the ruler. Poseidon is the God of the seas,earthquakes and horses.
Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades. These three gods divided up creation. Zeus was ruler of the sky, Hades had dominion of the Underworld and Poseidon was given all water, both fresh and salt.

The Power of Poseidon design came to us after a meditation session. Who has not experienced the deep relaxation after swimming in the warm salt water of the SEA? The salt water of the sea cleans the aura and the chakras and it has deep healing power.

The Power of Poseidon contains Turquoise crystals, this crystal has been used for many ages by native americans and tibetans. When you watch documentary programs about the tibetans, you will see big turquoise in their cultural clothes. This is because it is one of the strongest crystals for protection against evil,black magic and psychic attacks.

Therefore, the Power of Poseidon Orgonite is not just a fancy name given to this Orgonite.There is a history and wisdom behind the creation of this Orgonite : ).


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